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5 Questions with CropTrak

Geosys recently announced a new global partnership with CropTrak to provide the food and beverage industry an enhanced digital management system. This partnership gives food and beverage companies a competitive edge in managing complex production and processing operations.

Here is the latest edition of 5 Questions with CropTrak president and co-founder, Aaron Hutchinson.

Question 1: Tell us about CropTrak

CropTrak was started 11 years ago in Tucson, Arizona, with a vision to tell the entire story of food and a mission to harness the power Ag Data to identify and address systemic ecosystem problems that limit the availability of safe, affordable, and sustainable food. Those goals are as relevant today as any time in the past, as we help global food, beverage, and ingredient companies run efficient and transparent farm and supply chain operations to feed the world.

Question 2: What makes CropTrak unique?

CropTrak is a flexible, modular, no-code platform. A platform that helps our customers manage, monitor, and improve their operations by making it easy for farmers, employees, and other stakeholders to collect and consume only the data they need to do their job quickly and efficiently. Reporting that data transparently and real-time for internal decision-makers and externally to growers, investors, and consumers.

Question 3: Why did CropTrak decide to work with Geosys?

Making decisions on incorrect data is disastrous. Whenever CropTrak can employ automation to collect the necessary information or to verify the accuracy of the information, we integrate to third-party services to assure the best data possible is available. Geosys’ suite of APIs makes it possible to use imagery and AI to automate the collection of essential data and enables verification of other data by our customers. This also allows us to identify problem fields and download analytical images, so the customer can firsthand determine and remedy problems before impacting production efforts.

Question 4: How are you using satellite data analytics to advance your business?

CropTrak customers are companies with fields and suppliers around the globe. Using satellite data allows those customers to collect, monitor, and verify all their crops routinely, cost-efficiently, and consistently.  Allowing the data to be used in improving production, and for early identification of regional problems that field-level efforts alone cannot overcome that would negatively impact food production.

Question 5: What new innovations are CropTrak bringing to market?

Most people know CropTrak for our long history of farmer tools.  With version 11, that changes with our availability of modular Enterprise tools. Modules that have been used in real-world production environments by some of the largest farming and food operations in the world to plan, digitally contract, monitor, and pay specialty crop growers and suppliers in North America and Europe while providing flexibility and transparency for the company, growers, and customers.


Companies interested in learning more about this enhanced digital management system can contact contact us via the websites or

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