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A promising year for Australian agriculture; Agronomists and farmers keep their eyes turned to remote sensing technology

GEOSYS attended the Grains Research update in Adelaide, Wagga Wagga and Bendigo this month, organized by the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC).

Jim Castles, Australian Sales Manager for GEOSYS Australia, confirms that the general trend amongst agronomist is positive for 2016:
“Harvest in general was good. There were pockets of frost and hail but in the majority of cropping regions harvest produced average yield. As expected some areas which received timely rain harvested above average. 2016 is looking promising with planting just around the corner.”

“My main takeaway message from talking with agronomists and farmers at the GRDC events was that they are starting to see there is benefit in remote sensing. This leads to robust discussions about what next and how to capitalise on what the data tells them?”

Farmers and agronomists are all keen to identify the most suitable remote sensing option for their farming practice. Drones, Satellite or vehicle mounted all present their own advantages and disadvantages.

Knowing that the final decision remains in the users hands, GEOSYS offers a reliable and solid partnership to help through this digital transformation. With more than 25 years of Ag technology experience and global access to accurate historical and in-season agricultural satellite imagery and weather data, GEOSYS has developed a range of products and services that meet specific user needs.

Come and meet Jim from GEOSYS this week at the Grains Research Update in Bendigo (Ulumbarra Theatre)!

Jim Castles will present Croptical™ Monitoring Application, a simple, timely crop monitoring tool.
Keep a finger on the pulse of every field! See how using imagery throughout the season can assist with more accurate soil sampling for 2016.

GEOSYS Booth at the Grains Research Update, Feb. 23rd and 24th, Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo, Victoria.
Contact: +61 (0)427 428 700

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