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Agriquest Crop Analysts’ Updates: Soybean Production in Argentina

Argentina Soybean production – Latest trends at a glance

On December 11, 2018 WASDE estimated Argentina Soybean production at 55.5 MMT.
Where are we now?
According to our Crop Analysts at Geosys, crop development conditions have been very beneficial to soybeans in Argentina.

Please find below an extract of our recent analysis built with Agriquest Crop Monitoring Tool.

Promising Crop Outlook

Despite the slower than average planting pace, the Argentine soybean crop has progressed nicely. Some areas remain wet and continued moisture is expected in the coming days.
As farmers try to finish planting the small remaining acres of production, the rest of the crop finds itself in the vegetative and blooming stage.

Below we can see the improvement of vegetative health from the last 30 days (left) and the last 10 days (right) as compared to the last 15 years of data.

In looking back at years with above average in precipitation, we can see a positive trend for yield.
We currently have the same expectations for this year.

Be on the lookout

The cooler temperatures and steady stream of moisture has been positive for development. The moisture levels need to be monitored because persistent ground situation can negatively impact yields.

The saying of rain makes grain is true. However, too much rain slows the development of the plant and it can become yellow and lose vegetative health. This results in a reduction of the maximum yield potential of the plant during critical reproductive stages.

As of now, only one region of Northern Santa Fe Argentina is experiencing over saturation. The other regions’ crops have optimal soil moisture.

So, what can we say today regarding the December WASDE estimate?

Record precipitation and mild temperatures have been very beneficial to soybeans in Argentina.
We are optimistic that the yield is above the last USDA report of 3.0 mt/ha.

With the current conditions Geosys estimates a yield of 3.15 mt/ha and improving.

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