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Could the ongoing cold snap in Russia impact winter crops?

According to the ECMWF model, temperatures are expected to drop significantly in the coming days ①. Minimum temperatures will be below -15 ° C, which corresponds to the risk threshold for frost damage, over a large part of the winter wheat zone ②. Finally, in the Southern District, the snow depths are announced to be much less than the 10 cm necessary for optimal crop protection ③, thus strongly exposing the crops.

In the Southern District, especially around Rostov Oblast ①, temperatures will gradually drop in the coming days, initially with a plateau close to -15°C for several days, then reaching around -20°C around February 24 ②. These two phases are worrying, with almost no snow at the start, then snow depths that are still too short during low temperature peak, adopting values slightly less than 5 cm ③. To monitor!  

(source: Geosys; Agriquest)

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