Croptical® Monitoring Application

Get daily decision support with fast access to comprehensive field data

  • Benchmark performance
  • Target your scouting efforts
  • Identify opportunities to protect and maximize yield potential
Powerful grower-support tool offering daily insights
  • Monitor day-to-day field performance with daily satellite and weather updates*
  • Prioritize scouting, testing and field operations by quickly identifying farms and fields performing above average, average or below average
  • Use best-in-class field variability maps to take a closer look at your customers’ fields
  • Identify opportunities to protect and improve yields as the season progresses
*Geosys guarantees daily updates of the Croptical® monitoring application system. However, due to weather conditions, usable satellite data is not always available every day on every field

Scout smarter with field benchmarking and support app

  • Take bias out of the equation – fields are objectively benchmarked using only real physical measurements from satellite data
  • Intuitive interface makes discovering crop conditions fast and easy with field variability maps
  • Croptical® In Field mobile application gives you access to data on-the-go with a scouting app that records notes and pictures

Quick, easy access to historical satellite and weather data

  • Access Geosys’ extensive archive to compare performance of a field against previous years
  • Track crop health from previous years as compared to actual yields
  • Evaluate current weather data and patterns compared to past seasons

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