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Develop with Deere 2020 – Micromanage at Scale

Develop with Deere 2020

Our team has enjoyed attending various Develop with Deere conferences around the globe these past few weeks, and today we’re connecting with dealers throughout North America in St. Louis, MO. Julian Sanchez, John Deere’s director of precision Ag strategy, opened the conference this morning by sharing his insights from CES 2020. Now, some might find it surprising that John Deere attends an event that is “the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies” – but it makes a lot of sense. As Julian discussed, it’s a unique opportunity to see what technology trends are gaining traction. Last year, everything was about AI. This year, Julian saw an extension of the AI trend but what really stood out to him was the partnerships – this is a trend that we’re seeing playout in agriculture as well.

Farmers do not have the time or desire to manage multiple platforms. Who can blame them? They want powerful tools that make their life easier and making their farm better, but they need the use of those tools to be simplified – getting access to everything that matters through a single glass pane. This why John Deere allows software companies to connect to their Operations Center.

Great! So, we’re moving in the right direction. But what’s next?

Julian also discussed farmers’ need to “micromanage at scale.” Now, this is where the collective ears at Geosys really perked up. We resisted the urge to shout “YES!” in the middle of Julian’s presentation, but this is what Geosys has been focusing on since we started 30+ years ago.

Geosys has gone far beyond imagery by harvesting decades worth of crop and weather data to provide users with analytics that answers needs. By creating processing systems that manage our high-quality standards, we’ve been able to manage the delivery of our data and analytics on a global scale. And this system is only getting more powerful with the upcoming launch of the EarthDaily constellation – which will provide analytics ready data to power AI and machine learning at entirely new level.

As we prepare for the future, we are actively looking for partners who also want to help the agriculture industry “micromanage at scale.” Through APIs, partner platforms or custom builds, Geosys is ready to start empowering your business today.

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