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Farmers looking to agronomists to be digital farming experts

GEOSYS has been busy these last few weeks attending the Precision Ag Innovation Series in St Louis, MO, the Western Canadian Crop Production Show in Saskatoon, SK and the United Suppliers Technology Exchange in Dallas, TX.
All three events were well attended by farmers, agronomists and industry representatives trying to make the most out of Digital Farming.

Our main takeaway from talking with farmers at these events was that with all the options in the market, they are finding that they need to have experts on their team who are able to turn these offers into actionable decisions.

The concept of relying on a team of experts is not new to farmers.  They rely on their banker, insurance agent, grain merchandisers, agronomists and equipment suppliers to provide insights for all their decisions.  New digital farming offers seem to be popping up every day in the market and farmers have told us that they are looking to their agronomists to be their digital farming expert.

This is where the GEOSYS Croptical™ Monitoring Application is a great tool for these agronomists to best serve their farmers.

Croptical™ is designed to help improve efficiency and direct resources to the fields with the greatest need.   This helps agronomists quickly and easily assess the needs of the farm and make informed decisions which can improve return on investment, such as applying more Nitrogen on fields with high yield potential to ensure protein content in wheat or choosing which fields need yield protection with a fungicide.

Croptical™ provides continuous updates, using daily satellite passes, during the growing season that are a very valuable way for agronomists and farmers to track everything that is happening in their fields and help them act as quickly as possible to the ever-changing conditions.

To learn more about how Croptical™ can help better serve farmers, please contact your local GEOSYS representative.


Croptical™ allows you to prioritize scouting, testingand field operations by quickly identifying farms and fields performing above average (black), average (white), and below average (red) on the map.

Take a closer look at fields to identify areas of the field that need targeted scouting to find problem areas sooner; protecting yield potential and maximizing return on investment.

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