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Geosys Precision Ag Software Package: Free Trial Offer

Get more out of your data this season with a free trial of the complete Geosys Precision Ag software package. This offer combines our most trusted applications – Croptical and Farmsat – with a new field alert system launching this season, Field Focus.

Croptical is our “seeing” tool – it helps users easily monitor all the fields for their growers in one, straightforward interface. Access daily satellite data that benchmarks the performance of similar fields to know which growers need your attention and use intra-field variability maps to know where to focus your crop scouting efforts. This is the cornerstone of the Geosys Precision Ag package as it helps users with daily decisions support with fast access to comprehensive field data.

Field Focus is our newest offering, utilizing some of our most advanced analytics to help users be more proactive with their growers. See how all the fields for a given grower rank by crop type while quickly understanding what is happening in individual fields with a Change Index score. These alerts help you keep your growers informed and empowered with the data they need to manage their fields.

Farmsat is our “doing” tool – it transforms our satellite data into easy-to-use, customizable solutions industrialized to help you support as many growers as you need. The Geosys Precision Ag package includes our variable rate mapping tool to help you streamline the process. Already have a variable rate application tool? No problem. Using Geosys API, we can sync the Croptical data with most applications to help you streamline your existing system.

Complete the form below to request your free trial of the Geosys Precision Ag Software Package – or contact your Geosys representative to see how you can build this package into your existing service.

Geosys Precision Ag Software Package Trial

Complete this form to submit your request for a free trial of the Geosys Precision Ag Software Package

Note: Requests will be evaluated on an individual basis. All requests are subject to approval and not all requests will be granted access to a free trial.

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