Farmsat® Precision Ag Tool

Transform your precision agriculture program with an easy-to-use, customizable and industrialized solution

  • In-season and historical field variability maps
  • Focused management zones
  • Variable-rate application maps

Optimize input placement and increase return on investment

  • Put the right input, in the right place, in the right amount by analyzing past and in-season field behavior
  • Access multiple years of biomass field variability to define management zones
  • Improve soil, tissue and grain sampling plan with unbiased data
  • Target nitrogen application based on crop needs and increase input efficiency and field productivity

Streamline your precision agriculture program with powerful, intuitive tools

  • Access an industrial solution and create variable-rate application maps for complete farms in one shot
  • Be a trusted advisor by providing precise and actionable recommendations
  • Customize to fit your local needs

Deliver best-in-class customer support with proven technology

  • Use decision tools to create maps, reports and exports in real-time
  • Access the latest data throughout the season and identify sales opportunities
  • Access a field’s history before meeting with a grower
  • Develop value-added services to build customer loyalty

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