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Late Season Use of In-Season Imagery

late season imagery

When it comes to in-season imagery, the value of late season biomass maps can often be overlooked. But the team at AGree Decision Ag and Sparke Agriculture aren’t like most.

Some might say that an idea “sparked” between our teams: Since the Croptical tool shows field average benchmarking, they realized they could determine the driest to greenest fields based on average biomass. Which, in turn, would help manage canola windrowing and pulse crops spray decisions.

Geosys Croptical Late Season Imagery
Geosys Cropcial Field Focus Late Season Imagery

Croptical automatically lists the fields from dry to wet through daily field average monitoring and benchmarking. Digging in further, you can use medium resolution imagery to determine the greenest part of the field and keep an eye on them for moisture monitoring.

The Farmsat tool also provides crop type under one scale legend. Allowing for easy direct comparison across multiple fields.

During the 2020 harvest season Matthew Sparke and Emmett’s AGree team will be working with existing clients to fine tune this process to allow for better management and timing of windrowing and spraying. Nothing beats local, passionate boots on the ground making satellite-based data work to the best of its ability. We’ve enjoyed working with the Emmett’s and Sparke teams on this project.

Want to learn more? Contact us or feel free to reach out to the team at Emmett’s or Sparke Ag directly.

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