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Canadian Space Agency Assigns Contract To EarthDaily Analytics

EarthDaily Analytics, a vertically-integrated data processing and analytics company, announced a contract with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to conduct trade studies and a demonstration of next generation cloud-based Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR) processing.

While “New Space” has successfully led to a decrease in cost to build payload technology and launch satellites into orbit, the cost for operations, maintenance, processing, storage, discovery and distribution of Earth Observation (EO) data has generally not been decreasing. As the space sector scales to larger satellite constellations with larger data volumes, these challenges and costs continue to increase.

EarthDaily Analytics’ Earth Data Store and EarthPipeline technologies are key to solving these “New Ground” challenges with improved accessibility, quality, latency, scale and costs associated with satellite EO data processing platforms. The award winning EarthPipeline technology is being offered as the world’s first cloud-native Ground Segment Pipeline Software as a Service (SaaS) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide enterprise grade scalability, security, and reliability.

Based on these capabilities, EarthDaily Analytics was selected to perform trade studies, assess SAR ground segment architectures, and demonstrate easy-to-use APIs, cloud-native scalability and automated SAR processing.

This project will support the CSA’s goal to increase the environmental and economic impact of SAR data by reducing costs associated with traditional on-premise architecture, enabling rapid deployment capabilities to deliver mission critical features, and providing scalable and flexible services tailored to the end user’s need.

The EarthPipeline’s ground segment technology will also be used as a key enabler in the upcoming EarthDaily Constellation mission and as a Software as a Service for other EO companies.

This award will help us demonstrate how the EarthPipeline ’s advanced cloud-based SAR processing, data discovery and distribution capabilities can support the CSA’s ambitious mission needs to improve the impact of EO data for decision making and the digital economy,” said Chris Rampersad, VP of Engineering at EarthDaily Analytics. “We’re extremely proud that the CSA appreciates this revolutionary technology that will deliver unprecedented automation, scale, quality, and security for next-generation Earth Observation ground segment services.”

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