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EarthDaily Analytics Rebrands Geosys: 4 Things to Know About EarthDaily Agro

EarthDaily Analytics Corp., a vertically-integrated data processing and analytics company, has announced the rebranding of its Geosys division to EarthDaily Agro, effective January 18. The new name reflects the future of the EarthDaily Analytics’ agriculture division.

The company held a virtual press conference during the VISION Conference in Phoenix, AZ, on January 19 to officially announce the name change. The panel included: EarthDaily Analytics CEO Don Osborne; EarthDaily Agro General Manager Dave Gebhardt; Traive Finance CEO Fabricio Pezente; and Land O’Lakes Chief Technology Officer Teddy Bekele. Here are four things to know about the rebranding and what it means for the industry:

  • The mission of EarthDaily Agro. Formerly known as Geosys and established 30 years ago, EarthDaily Agro is the agriculture division of EarthDaily Analytics. It uses satellite imaging to provide advanced analytics to mitigate risk and increase efficiencies, leading to more sustainable outcomes for the organizations and people who feed the planet. From regional to field level, EarthDaily Agro’s expertise in geographic information systems provides scalability of a global platform while its presence in major agricultural countries offers localized solutions. Through the use of advanced analytics and machine learning, EarthDaily Agro continues to drive ag technology forward.
  • Geosys name will continue. As part of EarthDaily Agro’s DNA, the Geosys brand will live on as the name of EarthDaily Agro’s new, next generation platform — a platform that is easier to use, offers more flexibility, faster speed, and greater scale — to provide more customers with more data in more markets in agriculture. “The EarthDaily Agro brand represents the future of our agriculture and food systems division,” said Dave Gebhardt, EarthDaily Agro general manager. “At the same time, our new Geosys platform will give users a significant competitive edge. With scientific-grade data delivered to more markets at record speed, users will be able to make more informed decisions quickly.”
  • Reinforces commitment to launch satellite constellation. The rebranding is the first meaningful step of preparing the company for the future, said Don Osborne, EarthDaily Analytics CEO. “It’s in line with our strategy and commitment to get EarthDaily’s 10-satellite constellation operational by 2024,” he said. The EarthDaily constellation will significantly enhance geospatial analytics capabilities in agriculture, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), insurance, and more.
  • Helps businesses gain a competitive edge. A growing number of companies say their businesses have benefitted thanks to actionable geospatial insights from Earth observation technology. Traive Finance’s Pezente discussed how the ag-fintech company benefits from EarthDaily Agro’s data technology and machine learning to disrupt agriculture lending in Brazil, while Teddy Bekele explained how Land O’Lakes is making conservation and sustainability impacts at the field level – helping farmers balance profitability while managing important natural resources.

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