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GEOSYS Integrates New Satellite Imagery from Sentinel-2A

GEOSYS is excited to be one of the first companies to introduce Sentinel-2A satellite imagery through its Farmsat™ mapping application and Croptical™ monitoring application.

This new satellite, launched by European Space Agency (ESA) in June 2015, is the first of two satellites being launched. Sentinel-2B is planned to launch in late 2016.

Sentinel 2A covers earth in its entirety every 10 days at 10m resolution – compared to Landsat 8 that covers it every 16 days at 30m resolution. The team at GEOSYS has started to process these images and the initial results are highly satisfying.

“We are eager to fully integrate these new images routinely into our applications in order to provide our customers with an even higher quality of service – the sensor on the satellites also captures more wavelengths – 3 in the red-edge spectrum – allowing for the creation of new products and insights,” notes Lénaïc Grignard, head of R&I at GEOSYS.

Sentinel-2A images are being added and will be full part of the Geosys virtual constellation – so insights and maps are consistent Top of Canopy measurements of crops conditions providing more frequent acquisitions to allow for even fresher information on each and every field. This is one of the unique offerings that sets GEOSYS apart from others in the industry.

GEOSYS has shared some of the initial imagery with current customers.

“Our team is always craving fresher field in season imagery maps and insights to discuss with our growers. That is what GEOSYS delivers on every single field in our state. Adding more satellites will only enhance our capabilities and help us to continuously deliver stronger insights to our customers,” says Jeff Johnson, CEO of CentraSota coop.

Once both Sentinel satellites are launched, they will be synced in order to further increase the probability of capturing more cloud-free data. When you complete these timed systems with tasked satellites that target the missing days and places with good weather forecast, it is even better.

Thanks to the use of this new imagery into our commercial solutions, Geosys is looking forward to working with more customers on this exciting new offering. Below are some initial images GEOSYS is able to share on winter wheat fields in Kansas.

To learn more about the Sentinel-2A images available through Farmsat™ mapping application or Croptical™ monitoring application, please contact your local GEOSYS representative.



The above image is a screenshot from the Farmsat™ mapping application which shows the NDVI values of four fields. Thanks to the enhanced quality of the Sentinel 2 imagery, we are able to better appreciate the variability at this level. The image was produced from European Space Agency – ESA remote sensing data and processed by GEOSYS.



Above is a RGB image from the Sentinel-2A satellite, produced from European Space Agency – ESA remote sensing data and processed by GEOSYS.

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