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Weather Stations: Phase 1

As we enter the growing season, the team at GEOSYS continues to establish weather stations across the globe for the first phase of integration with Pessl Instruments.

Weather stations are being installed with some of our largest customers in five key regions – Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe and the United States. This first phase of the integration process will allow GEOSYS to start collecting data and establish the best delivery interface within key products – such as Croptical™ monitoring application – in addition to custom applications.

GEOSYS is working closely with the team at Pessl to get the hardware and equipment installed. Once in place, GEOSYS is instantly able to access data such as rainfall, wind, soil temp and soil moisture. The data is being evaluated by GEOSYS to determine how to best integrate the information into existing platforms and to get feedback on user interface.

All of the weather stations for this first phase of integration should be installed by the end of May with plans to move into the second phase of the integration process by early July.

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