Geosys//Precision AG & serviços agrícolas

What Geosys can do for you


Improve operational efficiency

  • Learn a field’s history even before meeting with a grower
  • Quickly identify a field’s performance throughout the season to know when and where to devote resources
  • Field variability maps show you exactly where to scout

Expand your business

  • Support your growers with recommendations based on unbiased, data-driven insights
  • Identify grower needs and new business opportunities
  • Create more frequent touch points in and out of the growing season

Increase profitability

  • Make product recommendations based on a field’s needs
  • Ensure the right input, in the right place, in the right amount
  • Closely monitor fields in-season to protect and maximize yield potential
“Not only is the platform easy to use, but the company behind it is very supportive. I’ve given them feedback on some minor issues, and they work quickly to solve even those. It’s great to know that there’s someone there who wants to make everything work for you.”
David D.
“In a world that is sensationalizing technology, I appreciate the steady hand of an experienced imagery provider, built on a sustainable business model.”
Joel W.
Ag Technology Applications Lead
“In the past, we weren’t able to identify problem fields quickly. Now, we can monitor the problem areas and use our resources wisely.”
Michael S.