EarthDaily & Team Fuego Advance in the XPRIZE Wildfire Competition

EarthDaily Analytics (EDA), as part of Team Fuego, is proud to announce the team’s progression to the next round of the prestigious XPRIZE Wildfire competition. This advancement underscores EarthDaily’s commitment to leveraging its cutting-edge technology to address the escalating global challenge of wildfires.

Innovative Collaboration with Team Fuego

Team Fuego is a consortium of industry leaders and academic institutions, including FireBall, Descartes Labs, EarthSight, UC Berkeley, and EarthDaily Analytics. The team brings together unparalleled expertise in satellite technology, environmental science, data analytics, and fire prevention methodologies. This diverse collaboration aims to develop groundbreaking solutions for early wildfire intelligence, ultimately reducing the vast human and environmental costs associated with the growing phenomenon of large-scale wildfires.

EarthDaily’s Contributions to the Team Fuego Solution

EarthDaily provides deep domain expertise in processing and delivering accurate space-based information. EarthDaily’s advanced system will provide a much improved model, updated daily, of the Wildland fuel conditions relative to currently available information. This is a critical element needed to provide high-quality and reliable active fire intelligence. In addition, Team Fuego is able to leverage EarthDaily’s optimized processing and AI-based analytics system that is capable of acquiring >150 M sq-km every day from our own constellation and processing this data to seamlessly integrate with diverse complementary data sets to rapidly generate accurate intelligence information. The system is optimized to provide extremely low latency throughout the entire process to ensure a highly rapid response capability that is crucial in mitigating the vast human and environmental costs associated with large-scale wildfires.

“Our goal is to significantly elevate the effectiveness of wildfire response strategies by bringing to bear our uniquely powerful earth observation and AI-driven data analytics capabilities,” stated Don Osborne, CEO of EarthDaily Analytics. “EDA’s experience in delivering high-quality, standardized data with daily global coverage is a key asset in this competition. With our capabilities harnessed to the collective expertise of Team Fuego, we are poised to drive significant advancements in wildfire detection, management, and mitigation – ultimately making a profound impact on the safety and security of the growing number of communities vulnerable to wildfires.”

About the XPRIZE Wildfire Competition

The XPRIZE Wildfire competition is a multi-year initiative designed to encourage the development of innovative solutions to detect, characterize, and manage wildfire disasters. The competition’s primary objective to accurately detect small fires within one minute and provide high-quality live fire behaviour intelligence delivered to decision makers within 10 minutes.

EarthDaily Analytics & Active Fire Detection from Satellite Earth Observation

EarthDaily Analytics (EDA), headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is a vertically integrated provider of Earth Observation data, analytics, and solutions. Utilizing a unique combination of proven space technologies, ground-breaking AI applications, and cutting-edge big data tools, EDA provides value-added, actionable insights to decision makers and risk managers across the public and private sectors on a global basis. EDA provides AI-driven processing technologies to extract wildfire intelligence using the data from its own constellation of 10 satellites providing daily global coverage in 22 spectral bands in LWIR, MWIR, SWIR and VNIR wavelengths (with 2x per day coverage for LWIR/MWIR bands). Combining this data with other available science satellite data and meteorological data, EarthDaily aims to develop an unparalleled system for wildfire early detection and critical intelligence to support wildfire risk mitigation and active fire suppression.


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