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Our customers include leaders and innovators across the public and private sectors, including long-established and instantly familiar names, up-and-coming firms at the cutting edge of their fields, and numerous companies that have realized the tangible value of having a better, more contextualized, and more up-to-date understanding of the world around them.

As we count down the days until the scheduled launches of the EarthDaily Constellation, we are shining a spotlight on some of those customers who are working with EarthDaily Analytics in order to benefit from the game-changing power of Everywhere Everyday.

Today’s Customer in the Spotlight:

Based in the UK, Frontier Agriculture’s specialist precision crop production business, SOYL, is responsible for producing spatial field data insights and optimising all inputs via variable rate applications covering over one million hectares of land domestically. SOYL’s software technology is in use in more than 15 countries worldwide and its innovative technology, robust data, expert advice and technical support are used to improve growers’ economic, agronomic and environmental performance.1

The Challenge:

For over 30 years, SOYL has provided precision solutions to farmers to help maximize their productivity, environmental sustainability and business profitability. This ‘measuring to manage’ approach means users of the technology can gather and interpret real-time farm insights, with crop production data, soil health reports and field monitoring helping to determine the most appropriate land management and environmental actions.

Continuous research and innovative technological development by the SOYL team ensures it remains at the forefront of precision agriculture, providing growers with the most innovative solutions to support future farm resilience and more sustainable supply chains.

How EDA is the Solution:

With deep expertise in the use of cutting edge earth observation and geoanalytics for the agricultural sector, EarthDaily Analytics is an ideal partner for SOYL, providing differentiated and highly scalable insights into crop health, soil nutrient content, and a wide range of supporting data.

Following the launch of the EarthDaily Constellation later this year, EDA will supercharge its service

offering by pairing its existing deep expertise in agricultural analytics with a best-in-class combination of daily global coverage, purpose-built spectral diversity, and an AI-driven ground segment powered by AWS. With the power of Everywhere Everyday, EDA will ensure that SOYL maintains its longstanding position at the cutting edge of precision agriculture, technology, and customer service.

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