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Ag Tech: On the Cusp of Something Big?

The investment and ag-tech sectors’ continuing courtship of agriculture, smoldering for three or four years now, was well in evidence at the recent World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco, CA. Attendance exceeded 500, highest for the event according to conference organizers.

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4 Things You Should Know about Remote Sensing in Agriculture

Remote sensing technology is playing an increasingly important role in the agriculture sector. From industry consolidation to investment to business agreements, a lot of big dollar decisions are being made. But how well do you truly understand the technology around remote sensing in agriculture?

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Remote sensing reawakens

For decades, scientists have known that there are ways to measure plant health through the use of multispectral photography. The idea that a plant can tell you something in a picture before you can see it with your eyes was borne out with the launch of the first land-focused satellite system — Landsat 1 — back in 1972. The concept is known as remote sensing, and it gained a lot of early attention.

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