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Special Session: Early Preview of US Growing Season

The 2020 growing season will present the industry with some unique challenges. We continue to see the effects of climate change with an increase of extreme weather events – early signs of drought in the western growing region is already cause for a watchful eye – and the pandemic limits availability of some resources. Now more than ever, the industry is seeing the full value of satellite remote sensing data analytics.

On Thursday, June 4 our crop analysts will be hosting a special session at 11:00 am CST to discuss the early trends in the US and what it could mean for this growing season. This is private session with limited space – if you are interested, we encourage you to request your registration today.

Our in-house experts will provide insights derived from Agriquest, our comprehensive crop intelligence tool that enhances the understanding of production risks by combining satellite data on crop conditions with weather data. This unmatched analytical engine is available to customers for customized use or through our Expert Service offer which puts our team of crop analysts to work for your business.

Want a better understanding of how climate change impacted crop conditions during the 2019 growing season? Access our 2019 Climate & Crop Report for a global view of the major growing regions. This report was compiled using the data analytics and insights captured from Agriquest. Our customers have access to daily insights such as this throughout the year to support their decision-making process and help mitigate risks.

You can read more to learn more about our technology or how we support the Commodities Trading & Logistics industry – or contact us if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to request your registration for the Special Session: Early Preview of US Growing Season today.

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