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remote sensing

USDA Data Gets More Subjective

At the 2019 USDA Data Users’ Meeting, it became clear that future reports will rely more on subjective data. See what’s changing and how you can start receiving objective data today.

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Low Resolution Imagery (LRI), From Acquisition to Analytics

We often hear about medium/high resolution imagery (MRI) advantages to support the Ag-industry. However, the business of crop monitoring goes beyond MRI. And today, low resolution imagery (LRI) provides the highest scientific-grade data quality and the most reliable daily imagery access for agriculture globally.

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Don’t Get Lost in Space with Satellites

Over the past 30 years, Geosys has managed a virtual constellation of satellites for our customers. The term “virtual constellation” has become something of a buzzword in the AgTech and Space industries as of late – but it’s more than just marketing for us.

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