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Connection to the John Deere Operations Center

John Deere Operations Center Connected

Geosys offers connections to the John Deere Operations Center to provide added value solutions with in-season maps. View the below presentation to see how you can connect your John Deere account with your Geosys platform. You can learn more about our Precision Agriculture services by contacting your local Geosys representative.

Geosys is proud to work with John Deere to bring you added value solutions with in-season maps. The following outlines how you can connect your John Deere account with our Geosys platform. Need help? Contact us at

Connecting to John Deere

The following steps walk you through the process of connecting to the John Deere Operations Center from your Geosys account.

Log into the Geosys Help Center

Go to the Solutions Service Desk, where you will be able to send a request to Geosys for connecting an account in John Deere Operations Center with Geosys system.

Choose John Deere Accounts Management >> John Deere Account setting

Save this link to your favorites for ease of access: portal/43

Populate a Ticket with Required Details

In the Summary box please write: Set up new John Deere account – “Growers name”

Having the Growers name in the summary will make tracking easier in Geosys platform

In the Description box, please provide the following:

  1. Organization name
  2. Organization e-mail in the John Deere platform
  3. Organization Id in John Deere platform

If you would like, you can provide a screenshot of your Organization Details in John Deere Operation Center as an Attachment.

Send the request

Once the connection has been made, a response will be posted on the ticket and a notification will be sent to the ticket creator.

Accepting Partner Request

Once Geosys establishes the connection, the John Deere Operations Center will require validation.

Accepting permission for Geosys to Send Maps

Farmers will receive an invitation from Geosys ( via John Deere. The link in the email will redirect users to the John Deere invitation request.

Validate the Invitation

Follow the prompts through the three step process. In step 2, confirm the level of access required and click on “Next”.

Accept the partnership invitation by clicking in FINISH.

Note: At this stage the parameters have been set by Geosys Support Team and there is no need to change anything.

Receiving In-Season Maps

Users have access to in-season maps in their John Deere Operations Center account and mobile app.

View Geosys maps under FIELD ANALYSER.


Thank you for connecting!

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