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The Benefit of Vegetative Crop Imagery






A common question we hear is “what is the real value of NDVI-based vegetative imagery?”  It’s a fair question when some in the industry are giving away the data for free.
Giving away NDVI imagery is like giving away a medical x-ray.  Maybe you suspect something is wrong, but want to dig deeper.  You aren’t quite sure where to start looking.

Similar to an X-ray image, an NDVI vegetation map can:

  • Help validate overall health
  • Direct you to the greatest internal pain points
  • Quantify progress of decisions during treatment

From an agronomist’s perspective, the information a NDVI vegetation map can produce is just as valuable as the information an x-ray produces to a doctor. It’s tell the experts when and where to dig deeper. While our agronomists are not saving lives, it can save those involved in agriculture literally tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of dollars.

We hear stories from all parts of the world about what people have been able to derive from our NDVI vegetation maps.  Because they’re built from actual data points, the information contained in those data points can also be used to feed algorithms that drive all sorts of exciting things. For example, the ability to plot a final yield of a corn field in Russia or a wheat crop in Kansas for an entire farm.

Ultimately, the value of the NDVI vegetation maps comes from the information and insights you are able to derive – which often requires the trained eye of an agronomic experts. Geosys is unique as it was founded by agronomists.

Our dual expertise — in agriculture and the high-tech world — is at the core of our identity and our commitment to our clients. It has given us a clear vision of the high stakes and rapidly changing landscape of the entire agriculture industry. That is why we created a suite of products to give growers, retailers, manufacturers, lenders and insurers the data, analysis and insights they need.

Want to learn more? Contact us today or spend some time exploring our website.

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