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The Wall Street Journal Global Food Forum

We were honored to participate in The Wall Street Journal Global Food Forum 2017. The focus of this year’s forum was “How Technology is Transforming the Food Business,” and Dave Gebhardt, our VP of Strategy, was invited to speak about Connecting the Farm.

This was a unique opportunity for Geosys as we usually don’t participate in food focused events. Our expertise focuses on those who grow, insure and trade crops – but we were excited to help businesses down-stream better understand how data and technology are changing the farming industry across the globe.

As farms and agribusinesses continue to consolidate, the demand for technology to help sustainably manage these increasingly complex operations will only grow.

During the session, Dave made three key points:

  1. Farming is about managing risk – technology helps growers do that better.
  2. Technology adoption in agriculture is a three-year cycle due to the realities of the industry, and trusted advisors are the best pathway for these solutions.
  3. As we move toward algorithming of agriculture, we need more connected, continuous and scientifically-accurate datasets.

For more, watch as Dave discusses the opportunities and challenges with remote sensing, and what the future might hold for the farmer and their trusted advisors with data technology.


CONNECTING THE FARM Dave Gebhardt, GEOSYS Intl, Inc. | Mark Young, The Climate Corporation

Video and images provided by The Wall Street Journal

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