Solve real-world problems one pixel at a time.

Do you aspire to solve the planet’s greatest ‘big data’ challenges and build innovative technologies? At EarthDaily Analytics, we strive for the best of both worlds, where we collaborate and support each other to collectively deliver the most intelligent and sophisticated software capabilities the space industry has ever seen.
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The Mission

Like space exploration, being a part of our high-performing team means we are constantly evolving and pushing boundaries for technological innovations. As we together hold excellence, teamwork, respect, and diversity as our core values, we create a work environment where we inspire each other, help each other grow professionally and most importantly, share a strong passion for building the world’s most advanced global change detection system.

Life at EarthDaily

Perks & Benefits

Experience our breathtaking office with panoramic ocean and mountain views, easily accessible at Vancouver Convention Centre. Immerse yourself in our state-of-the-art work environment and benefit from mentorship programs, a dog-friendly office, and become part of a team that is truly unparalleled.

EarthDaily partners with HungerHub food delivery service to bring lunch directly to the office. Imagine being able to indulge in a variety of delicious lunch every day at a discounted price. This not only saves you money, but it also boosts productivity in the workplace.

We offer a competitive Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) and Employee Assistance Program (EAP). With the HCSA, you can receive reimbursement for a variety of healthcare expenses not covered by traditional insurance plans. The EAP also provides counselling resources and services.

At EarthDaily, our Friday Social Hour is eagerly anticipated by all. It’s a special time for bonding and enjoying each other’s company, providing a perfect opportunity to unwind and kick off the weekend with joy. We also organize quarterly events, including lawn bowling, scavenger hunts, neighborhood cleanups, and festive holiday parties, ensuring plenty of fun for all.

At the end of each quarter, every engineer may opt to take a break and explore new technologies or ideas to add value to EarthDaily. In fact, Breather Weeks have been the starting point for many of EarthDaily’s successful projects and tools. Join us and take part in a culture of technical excellence and innovation!

Our leadership team brings decades of experience and demonstrated success in the space tech and earth observation industry.