We are a satellite imaging company developing world-first technologies in data services, geoanalytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The insights we provide allow customers in multiple industries to track long-term trends, monitor change, and take guided, strategic actions to better serve their customers and fulfill their missions.

In 2022, EarthDaily Analytics will launch EarthDaily, the world’s first earth observation system designed from the ground-up to produce scientific-quality, analytics-ready imagery of the entire earth every day.

Early in 2019, EarthDaily Analytics acquired Geosys – bringing more than 30 years of experience in agricultural analysis of satellite and weather data. The team’s global geo-information services range from crops monitoring and benchmarking for risk management, to precision farming and grain marketing support. Combining Geosys’ services with the resolution, revisit, and data quality of the EarthDaily constellation will open the door to machine learning and AI opportunities never before seen in agriculture.

We’re not only changing how people view the Earth, but also how people access that data.

Images of the Earth

Our remote sensor technologies and processing systems provide the highest quality data in the industry. By detecting changes on Earth, from space, we give people more power to answer their most challenging questions.

Insights for People

From advancements in the equipment used to the seeds grown, technology is shaping agriculture’s future. For the past 30 years, we have proudly participated in these revolutions as a pioneer in Ag technology through our integration of GIS, IT and agronomy. By delivering high quality data globally, we support the entire agriculture supply chain by empowering a better decision making process.