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Earth Observation data provides valuable data and insights that enhance risk assessment, decision-making, asset management, and overall operational efficiency for financial institutions.

Solution Summary

Risk Assessment and Underwriting: Earth observation data, such as satellite imagery and aerial photography, can be used to assess the physical conditions of properties and infrastructure.

What does the world’s most advanced change detection system look like?


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Problems Solved

Claims Management

Geospatial analytics can aid insurance companies in validating claims and investigating incidents more efficiently.

Catastrophic Event Monitoring

Banks and insurance companies can utilize real-time Earth observation data to monitor and assess catastrophic events like hurricanes, wildfires, or earthquakes.

Infrastructure and Investment Decisions

Geospatial analytics can assist banks in making informed decisions regarding infrastructure investments and loan approvals.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Earth observation data combined with advanced geospatial analytics can be employed to detect and prevent fraudulent activities related to insurance claims or banking transactions.

Ecosystem Monitoring

Earth observation data can also be used to monitor environmental changes and assess potential risks related to climate change.


EarthDaily Constellation

Providing seamless access to the EarthDaily satellite data stream, with daily global high-resolution coverage in 22 spectral bands, automatically calibrated and processed to the highest scientific quality for direct to algorithm deployment.



Offering customers the ability to extract and Exploring Analysis Ready Samples is an online tool that offers users a simple and efficient way to perform data access and transformation processes. By enabling users to subset data spatially, temporally, and by layer, the volume of data downloaded for analysis is greatly reduced.


EarthDaily Agro

Our team of geospatial experts uses advanced statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to analyze geospatial data. This includes identifying patterns and trends, performing spatial analysis, and creating custom models to predict future events or trends.

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