Mining, Infrastructure
& Land Use

Earth observation data can empower governments and corporations to better manage operations and risks associated with the use of infrastructure and land, particularly by monitoring ongoing changes happening to roads and transportation corridors, mining operations, water reservoirs, maritime ports, airports and energy infrastructure.

Solution Summary

All these efforts, from modelling to prediction, advisory to mitigation, require timely, accurate measurements. Upon the launch of EarthDaily Constellation, we will be ready to take change detection to the next level with Earth Observation data that boasts the best quality, the broadest coverage, and the highest revisit frequency.

What does the world’s most advanced change detection system look like?


Experience the EarthDaily Constellation

The unprecedented insights unlocked by our constellation will enable our customers to make informed decisions with the magnitude of accuracy and efficiency unseen before.

Problems Solved


Nature Induced Production Delays

Seasonal change, migratory patterns, ice load variations commonly cause logistic delays and interruptions in land-use projects. We combine landform variables with our satellite data to develop predictive models for real-time decisions that minimize project issues.

Human Induced Production Delays

Our satellites are able to trace any unregulated constructions and illegal disposals of industrial waste. What is more, continuous monitor reports and timely alerts will also be issued for decision makers to take action.

Pollution & Emissions

Global methane emissions from the energy sector are 70% higher than reported by the International Energy Agency. Our satellites detect and monitor methane with a high level of precision to accurately measure emissions worldwide.

Land Take & Congestion

Governments that work with insurance companies to insure infrastructures and lands, such as roads and transportation corridors, maritime ports, and airports will be able to make data driven decisions and create policies accordingly.

Neighbouring Communities

Communities closeby tend to be concerned with environmental impacts and safety measures as land misuse could have a long-lasting impact on their surroundings. Our satellite data improves the chance of catching early signs and preventing damage.


EarthDaily Constellation

Providing seamless access to the EarthDaily satellite data stream, with daily global high-resolution coverage in 22 spectral bands, automatically calibrated and processed to the highest scientific quality for direct to algorithm deployment.



Offering customers the ability to extract and Exploring Analysis Ready Samples is an online tool that offers users a simple and efficient way to perform data access and transformation processes. By enabling users to subset data spatially, temporally, and by layer, the volume of data downloaded for analysis is greatly reduced.



EarthDaily Agro

Our team of geospatial experts uses advanced statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to analyze geospatial data. This includes identifying patterns and trends, performing spatial analysis, and creating custom models to predict future events or trends.

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