Earth observation data can empower national security and maritime professionals to make informed decisions based on daily insights of aircraft/vessel movements, rapidly gain situational awareness, better manage border security operations, and effectively respond to illegal fishing or piracy activities.

Solution Summary

All these efforts, from modelling to prediction, advisory to mitigation, require timely, accurate measurements. Upon the launch of EarthDaily Constellation, we will be ready to take change detection to the next level with Earth Observation data that boasts the best quality, the broadest coverage, and the highest revisit frequency.

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The unprecedented insights unlocked by our constellation will enable our customers to make informed decisions with the magnitude of accuracy and efficiency unseen before.

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Problems Solved

EarthDaily’s unique data source allows us to solve the following challenges:

Aircraft and Vessel Detection

Objects of interest for national security and defense can be automatically detected daily by their features and spectral “fingerprints”. This capability allows analysts to track the movements of aircraft and vessels, analyze suspicious patterns, and identify anomalous behaviour – all with low Total Cost of Ownership (TOC).

Situational Awareness

Datasets from our satellites deliver persistent global scale situational awareness with automated change detection of military installations and troop movements within national and international borders or divided by natural resources. For further intelligence, once change is detected, we can “tip and cue” to provide additional insights.

Border Security

Illegal border activities, including narcotics smuggling, human trafficking, and migrant safety concerns, are increasing at an alarming rate. Our Satellites will help identify sea routes, new border crossing tracks, and activity on airstrips to determine the priority for delivering effective interventions to high-risk areas.

Illegal Fishing, Smuggling and Piracy

Illegal fishing is a major threat to ocean wildlife and the marine industry, whereas smuggling and piracy endanger human lives.  With the ability to monitor large maritime areas daily and detect vessel velocity, analysts can spot vessels without transponders, monitor their activities, and respond accordingly.

Foundational Partner Program

EarthDaily is on a mission to bring the world’s most advanced change detection system to market, providing high accuracy broad coverage earth observation data that helps unlock valuable insights far beyond what is economically feasible or technically possible with currently available commercial EO offerings. We are building a global network of foundational partners that are committed to working with EarthDaily in pioneering our next-generation earth observation technology to build innovative and valuable solutions for their customers. 

Impact / Results

  • Loss of $30 billion each year due to illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing
  • 40%+ increase in illegal charter every year
  • As many as 60% of trafficking victims, roughly 15 million people a year, are transported across international borders (second only to drug trafficking)
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EarthDaily is on a mission to empower the entire Space and Earth Observation industry with the most meaningful data and insights,
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