Science, Research & Policy

Earth observation technology empowers scientists and researchers to strategize and propose actions for policymakers, particularly for policies that are considered either less mainstream or less commercial, hence little interest and adoption among private sectors. Hydrology, geohazards, and endangered species are common examples.

Solution Summary

All these efforts, from modelling to prediction, advisory to mitigation, require timely, accurate measurements. Upon the launch of EarthDaily Constellation, we will be ready to take change detection to the next level with Earth Observation data that boasts the best quality, the broadest coverage, and the highest revisit frequency.

Problems Solved

EarthDaily’s unique data source allows us to solve the following challenges:


Inadequate watershed management, particularly in agricultural areas, leads to local and downstream pollution that negatively impacts rivers, their tributaries, and the oceans. Datasets from our satellites will help scientists, researchers and policymakers to ensure all environmental compartments remain sustainable, serviceable, and pollutant-free.


Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, avalanches, glacial surges and other land collapses due to thawing permafrost are among the most common geohazards. Datasets from our satellites will help scientists, researchers and policymakers monitor, assess, model, and predict geohazards before they happen – mitigating disasters and saving lives.

Endangered Species

Organisations like the USGS and the USDA will benefit tremendously from bulk datasets from our satellites, especially when it comes to research and policymaking on endangered species. Broad coverage and high revisit offered by EarthDaily Constellation will enable scientists and researchers to monitor and measure animal movements daily.

Foundational Partner Program

EarthDaily is on a mission to bring the world’s most advanced change detection system to market, providing high accuracy broad coverage earth observation data that helps unlock valuable insights far beyond what is economically feasible or technically possible with currently available commercial EO offerings. We are building a global network of foundational partners that are committed to working with EarthDaily in pioneering our next-generation earth observation technology to build innovative and valuable solutions for their customers. 

Impact / Results

  • Over the past 50 years, the World Wildlife Foundation estimates that we have lost nearly 70% of global wildlife biodiversity, accounting for approximately 32,000 populations across 5,230 animal species.
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EarthDaily is on a mission to empower the entire Space and Earth Observation industry with the most meaningful data and insights,
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