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EarthDaily Constellation is flying in 2024

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The Most Advanced Change Detection System

With the most spectrally diverse range ever designed for a commercial mission, EarthDaily’s superspectral initiative will alter our understanding of how our planet is changing.

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Providing  seamless access to the EarthDaily satellite data stream, with daily global high-resolution coverage in 22 spectral bands, automatically calibrated and processed to the highest scientific quality for direct to algorithm deployment.

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~100% of Earth’s landmass imaged at the same time everyday, with a string of pearls constellation design

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Spectral Diversity

22 highly calibrated spectral bands covering Visible, Near, Short-wave-, Mid-wave-, and Thermal-Infrared bands

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1 Coastal

Dust & Smoke, Ocean Cooler: Water Quality and Organic Content

2 Blue

Plant Senescence and Pigment, Soil Color, Mineral Composition

3 Aqua

Plant Pigments, Ocean Cooler: Water Quality and Organic Content

4 Green

Total Chlorophyll, Ocean Cooler: Water Quality and Organic Content

5 Yellow

Plant Pigments, Soil Contamination, Plant Growth and Stress

6 Red

Plant Structure, Nitrogen, Moisture, Soil Colour

7 Red Edge 1

8 Red Edge 2

9 Red Edge 3

Plant Stress, Fluorescence, Type

10 Near Infrared

Organic Matter, Ocean Colour: Water Quality and Organic Content

11 Water Vapour 1

Atmospheric Water Absorption, Crop Stress and Moisture

12 Water Vapour 2

Atmospheric Water Vapour

13 SWIR 1

Atmospheric Aerosols, Vegetated Water Content

14 Cirrus

Cloud Properties

15 SWIR 2

Snow and Ice Discrimination, Soil Moisture

16 Methane 1

Methane Characterization

17 Methane 2

Methane Characterization

18 Wildfire

Radiative Fire Power, Wildfire Detection and Characterization

19 TIR 1

20 TIR 2

21 TIR 3

22 TIR 4

Volcanoes, Mineral Composition, Surface Temperature, Snow Characterization, Soil and Vegetation Moisture, Urban Heat

Historical Data

Immediate access to historical satellite data resources enables the extraction of information needed to observe long-term trends. This access also provides the ability to train and evaluate machine learning models to extract information from satellite imagery. A historical data set is required to develop methodologies for assimilating satellite data into various models, including those related to weather, climate change, land-atmosphere interactions, and many others.


Constellation Countdown

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Stay tuned to the progress of this mission, our offerings, and the 2024 launch of the EarthDaily Constellation.