Earth observation and AI with Chris Rampersad of EarthDaily Analytics

Chris Rampersad, our Vice President of Engineering at EarthDaily Analytics, sits down with Analysys Mason’s Senior Analyst and space and satellite expert, Prachi Kawade. Chris, a key part of our team here at EarthDaily Analytics, is an engineering leader and expert in Earth observation technology.
Chris oversees the software and analytics development for EarthDaily Analytics’ product suite and spearheads the ground segment development for the forthcoming EarthDaily Constellation.

What is discussed:

  • AI integration. How EarthDaily Analytics uses AI to improve satellite imagery quality and analytics, including cloud masking and land classification.
  • Generative AI. The impact of generative AI on earth observation, from short-term benefits to long-term industry transformations.
  • Foundation models. The role of foundation models in simplifying and enhancing satellite data processing and analysis.
  • Super resolution. Use cases and advantages of super-resolution technology in various sectors, such as agriculture and building detection.
  • Future trends. The evolution towards natural language interfaces for easier and more comprehensive data interaction.
  • Challenges and risks. The technical and operational challenges of AI in Earth observation and the importance of data quality and engineering.

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