The world’s most advanced Change Detection system is finally a reality.
Powered by first-of-its-kind Earth Observation Data that unlocks unprecedented insights.
Understanding our environment and the fundamental forces that shape it. Earth observation data provides vital information to Mitigate Risk.

In a world where decisions are data-driven,
the quality of the data is everything.

The world’s most advanced change detection system, delivering high accuracy, broad coverage and valuable insights, is fundamental to decision-making for government policies, business strategies, science research investments and financial risk advisory.

How effectively the impacts on Earth are measured, from agriculture to natural resources, infrastructure to climate change, determines outcomes of the decisions that touch on all aspects of life on the planet.

EarthDaily is here to enable decisions made with the greatest confidence.

Foundational Partner Program

EarthDaily is on a mission to bring the world’s most advanced change detection system to market, and deliver high accuracy, broad coverage Earth Observation data that helps unlock valuable insights. We are building a global network of foundational partners that are committed to working with EarthDaily in pioneering our next-generation Earth observation technology to build innovative and valuable solutions for their customers. 

Products & Services

EarthDaily is on a mission to empower the entire Space and Earth Observation industry with the most meaningful data and insights,
much needed for decision-making, quantifying, and managing risk across all sectors and industries.

Our Value

The world’s most advanced change detection solution.
We bring clarity to challenges faced in Agriculture, Fintech to Mining and Climate Change.

Seamlessly integrated with AI-driven analytics, our platform ensures every choice you make is data-informed. With flexible ‘Data as a Service’ and ‘Analytics as a Service’ subscriptions, EarthDaily is your trusted partner in shaping a better, informed future.”

Daily real world impact

Organizations from around the world trust EarthDaily to enable them to detect changes,
measure impacts and make decisions based on valuable insights from our
Products & Services.

Finance and Insurance

Reducing Financial Risk for a Global Insurance Leader

EarthDaily analytics provides the insurer the information needed to analyze weather and climate conditions and make informed decisions for writing policies and responding to claims.


Supporting the Development of Camelina as a Sustainable Renewable Biofuel Feedstock with Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence

Finance and Insurance

Utilizing data for accuracy and convenience

Forestry, Natural Resource Management

Diversity, composition, structure and regeneration are all at-risk areas in forest management.

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