CropTrak and Geosys Announce Global Partnership to Provide Food and Beverage Industry with an Enhanced Digital Management System

CropTrak and Geosys Announce Global Partnership to Provide Food and Beverage Industry with an Enhanced Digital Management System

Partnership gives food and beverage companies an edge managing complex production and processing operations.

MINNEAPOLIS (July 7, 2020) – CropTrak and Geosys, an EarthDaily Analytics Company (UR.TO), are joining in partnership to provide food and beverage companies with a digital management system for their contracted crops production. By supporting the supply chain with secure, timely, accurate analytics and complete reporting, this enhanced digital management system strengthens relationships with complex grower networks at a global and local level.

Today’s food and beverage companies are continually challenged to obtain the best quality and right volume of crops. By leveraging the critical business insights that only a digital management system can uncover, these companies can save money, improve performance, reduce risk and ensure compliance with internal processes and sustainability metrics.

The combination of CropTrak’s mobile and web-based ledger platform along with satellite remote sensing data analytics from Geosys give food and beverage companies an edge in:

  • tracking
  • monitoring
  • collecting
  • centralizing
  • communicating
  • managing complex production and processing operations

This partnership empowers responsible, sustainable stewardship to help food and beverage companies in providing high quality products to consumers and trust in an efficient food chain.

“At CropTrak, we’re committed to helping food companies make informed decisions by combining accurate information from partners like Geosys with our own” said Aaron Hutchinson, co-founder and president, CropTrak. “Together, CropTrak and Geosys are committed to using digital solutions that help our planet become paperless, use less resources, and deliver safer food to consumers.”

“Geosys has more than 30 years of experience in monitoring growing conditions from individual fields to continents,” says Matthieu Hyrien, vice president of business development and marketing for Geosys. “Through the CropTrak platform, we can make this data and corresponding analytics readily accessible to food and beverage companies so they can measure crop conditions throughout the season, manage risk, and make more informed decisions.”

Companies interested in learning more about this enhanced digital management system can contact CropTrak or Geosys via the websites or and


About CropTrak

Headquartered in Tucson, AZ, CropTrak is dedicated to helping companies that rely on production agriculture for business success to easily digitize processes that have historically involved paper and Excel spreadsheets or are hard to track and audit. This improves communications throughout the supply chain for greater operational efficiency, risk management and customer satisfaction. Easily customizable with no coding experience necessary, the CropTrak platform reduces reliance on IT resources and allows users to easily respond to changing verification and reporting needs. Compatible with all ERP systems, the CropTrak platform is ideal for companies in the food and beverage, crop protection, seed, origination, processing and financial services industries.

About Geosys

Geosys is the first global digital agriculture company founded by agronomists. With 30 years of industry experience, Geosys provides clients with data, analysis and insights needed to make more informed decisions. Services range from worldwide risk management and monitoring agricultural commodities, to input sales and precision farming support by using the latest research in agronomics, information technologies and remote sensing. Geosys also develops highly customized business solutions for large, multinational agricultural companies. Acquired by EarthDaily Analytics in 2019, Geosys is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices in Europe, Australia, and Brazil.  For more information, visit


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