EarthDaily Analytics Announces Imaging Payload Providers for the EarthDaily Satellite Constellation

Company has signed contracts with leading suppliers to manufacture the satellite constellation imaging payloads that will provide ultra-high quality, super-spectral data

Vancouver, BC – February 16, 2021 – EarthDaily Analytics Corp. (“EDA” or the “Company”), a vertically-integrated data processing and analytics company pairing cutting-edge Big Data tools with proven Space technologies, today announces additional sub-contracts for the Company’s EarthDaily Constellation, which will consist of 9 super-spectral satellites plus an in-orbit spare. The EarthDaily Constellation will provide unprecedented daily global coverage of the Earth’s land masses, significantly enhancing geospatial analytics capabilities to provide value-added insights in industries including agriculture, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), insurance, disaster prevention and recovery, commodities trading, and more by the end of 2023.

EDA is contracting with established Space industry leaders ABB and Xiphos Systems Corporation (“Xiphos”), both based in Quebec, Canada, to provide the imaging payload hardware. Both companies have significant heritage on Earth Observation missions, with both government and commercial missions, and their payload solutions have significantly benefited from the advanced technologies used in their recent and ongoing space programs. ABB will design and build the optical imagers and the associated proximity electronics, as well as integrate the overall payload onto a highly thermally stabilized optical bench assembly. Xiphos is providing the high-speed digital electronics that control the optical imagers, manage the substantial data volumes collected and stored onboard, and prepare the data for the spacecraft downlink system.

“As with our recently announced satellite bus partner, we are thrilled to be working with payload providers who are able to leverage their proven and existing technologies to develop a de-risked solution that also provides unprecedented performance capabilities. When combined with EDA’s proprietary, cloud-native data processing platform, EarthPipeline, this payload solution enables us to collect, process, and distribute ultra-high data quality image products and value-added geoanalytics with unprecedented efficiency and coverage. By empowering our customers across diverse verticals to make the best possible decisions for their businesses in real time, EDA is bringing a truly differentiated solution to the rapidly growing Earth Observation and value-added geoanalytics market,” said Don Osborne, CEO of EarthDaily Analytics.

“ABB is proud to contribute to the development of the EarthDaily Constellation,” said Marc Corriveau, General Manager, ABB Measurement & Analytics Canada. “This project marks an important milestone not only for our technology, but also for our diversification strategy focused on serving the private space sector. The sensor suite by ABB leverages landmark innovations developed on high-profile government space missions as well as our extended knowhow in volume optical sensor production. We are delighted to support the EarthDaily Constellation project that will enable a better understanding of our planet and help address some of the world’s most critical challenges.”

Edwin Faier, President of Xiphos, said, “We are very excited to be part of such a well-rounded and capable team in support of EDA’s innovative mission. The digital electronics for the EarthDaily Constellation satellite payloads leverage the performance, flexibility, and power efficiency of Xiphos’ latest generation of space processors, providing the constellation with an unparalleled capability set. Our proven technology will allow the EarthDaily Constellation to maximize the efficiency and volume of data extracted and processed from the powerful optical payload to provide timely data products that differentiate EDA from their competition in the Earth Observation industry.”

About EarthDaily Analytics

EarthDaily Analytics (EDA), headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a vertically integrated data processing and analytics company, utilizing cutting-edge Big Data tools and proven Space technologies to provide value-added insights to the people, businesses, and governmental entities confronting the world’s most pressing challenges. Through its EarthDaily Agro (formerly Geosys) subsidiary, EDA has a track record of more than 30 years as a leader in the collection and commercial application of Earth Observation data for agriculture analytics.

In 2021, EDA initiated construction of the EarthDaily Constellation with committed support from Antarctica Capital. Following planned launches in 2023, the EarthDaily Constellation will combine with the EarthPipeline data processing system to provide unprecedented, scientific-grade data of the world every day, positioning EDA to meet the growing needs of diverse industries including agriculture, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), insurance, disaster prevention and recovery, commodities trading, and more.

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