Improving wind energy development and investments with data

June 27, 2024

Our customers include leaders and innovators across the public and private sectors, including long-established and instantly familiar names, up-and-coming firms at the cutting edge of their fields, and numerous companies that have realized the tangible value of having a better, more contextualized, and more up-to-date understanding of the world around them.

As we count down the days until the scheduled launches of the EarthDaily Constellation, we are shining a spotlight on some of those customers who are working with EarthDaily Analytics in order to benefit from the game-changing power of Everywhere Everyday.

Today’s Customer in the Spotlight:

The industry standard in wind energy and geospatial financial and investment modeling, TurbineHub offers a variety of tools to help developers, asset managers, and private equity investors improve wind energy development and investments. TurbineHub empowers decision-making in key areas with their extensive database and advanced analytics and is the only platform that integrates the power of GIS with bankable financial modeling.

The Challenge:

In order to accurately assess and model the complex and dynamic wind energy sector, high-quality, regularly-updated data from a range of sources is essential.

How EDA is the Solution:

EDA is built from the ground up with the mission of providing actionable insights to decisionmakers in the real world, which in practice often means not only producing and processing high-quality data, but also providing data and insights within a framework and format that can be easily integrated alongside diverse datasets both within and outside of Earth Observation. With TurbineHub, EDA is able to provide a frequency of revisit and breadth of coverage to encompass wide-ranging monitoring of project construction status, to utilize the spectral diversity of the EarthDaily Constellation to measure changes in water turbidity or temperature in the vicinity of an offshore wind project, or to seamlessly integrate alongside geospatial datasets such as AIS to assess boat traffic in relevant project development areas. Taken together, EDA is a key contributor to TurbineHub’s ability to provide investors with a differentiated, multi-faceted risk-weighting platform, ultimately driving the best possible decisions in the development of the offshore wind sector.

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