INO Joins Forces with EarthDaily in Constellation Mission

INO’s thermal camera technology to bolster EarthDaily Constellation’s capabilities across verticals including agriculture, ESG, and disaster response

Vancouver, BC – September 20, 2022 – EarthDaily Analytics Corp. (“EDA” or the “Company”), a vertically-integrated data processing and analytics company pairing cutting-edge Big Data tools with proven space technologies, today announced the formal addition of INO to the mission team constructing the EarthDaily Constellation. Consisting of ten super-spectral satellites, the EarthDaily Constellation will provide unprecedented daily global coverage of the Earth’s land masses, significantly enhancing geospatial analytics capabilities to provide value-added insights in industries including agriculture, Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”), insurance, disaster prevention and recovery, commodities trading, and more. The EarthDaily Constellation is expected to be fully operational by mid-2024.

EDA is contracting with INO, the largest center of expertise in optics and photonics in Canada, to design and build the EarthDaily Constellation’s Thermal Camera Core Subsystems (“TCCS”). The addition of this microbolometer thermal imaging technology enhances the EarthDaily Constellation’s operational capabilities by enabling the advanced daily monitoring of thermal phenomena, notably including ground temperature measurement, sea surface measurement and anomaly identification, and wildfire tracking and analysis.

Don Osborne, CEO of EarthDaily Analytics, commented, “Growing out of our deep relationship with INO, we are pleased to formalize their addition to the best-in-class mission team supporting the EarthDaily Constellation. The integration of INO’s thermal imaging technology to the EarthDaily Constellation not only brings another of Canada’s leading innovators onto our team, but also ensures that this critical component of our mission’s imaging capability utilizes a proven space technology platform. Having secured these additional spectral bands, and supported by our proprietary, AI-driven data processing platform, EarthPipeline, the EarthDaily Constellation remains on track to fundamentally change the game in value-added Earth Observation.”

Alain Chandonnet, President and CEO of INO, stated, “We are thrilled to support EarthDaily Analytics in their exciting EarthDaily Constellation mission. Drawing on our more than 30 years of experience as leaders in the optics and photonics sector, our thermal imaging systems will integrate seamlessly into the satellites’ multi-spectral coverage and both diversify and enrich their scientific-grade data collection capacity. We look forward to working closely with EarthDaily Analytics and ensuring the successful launch and operation of the EarthDaily Constellation.”

About EarthDaily Analytics

EarthDaily Analytics (EDA), headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a vertically integrated data processing and analytics company, utilizing cutting-edge Big Data tools and proven Space technologies to provide value-added insights to the people, businesses, and governmental entities confronting the world’s most pressing challenges. Through its EarthDaily Agro (formerly Geosys) subsidiary, EDA has a track record of more than 35 years as a leader in the collection and commercial application of Earth Observation data for agriculture analytics.

EDA’s signature Earth Observation mission, the EarthDaily Constellation, is currently under construction with committed support from Antarctica Capital. Once operational in mid-2024, the EarthDaily Constellation will combine with the EarthPipeline data processing system to provide unprecedented, scientific-grade data of the world every day, positioning EDA to meet the growing needs of diverse industries including agriculture, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), insurance, disaster prevention and recovery, commodities trading, and more.

About INO

INO is the largest centre of expertise in optics and photonics in Canada. Since 1988, it has created and developed customized solutions to meet the needs of companies working in various lines of business throughout Quebec and Canada. As a high-tech leader, INO has implemented more than 6,500 solutions, carried out 76 technology transfers, and contributed to the creation of 35 new companies, providing employment to more than 2,000 people. INO’s activities are made possible thanks to ongoing partnerships with the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation and Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.


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