EarthDaily Analytics Launches Global Food Security Initiative

EarthDaily Analytics stands with all who are impacted by the crisis in Ukraine. Our first course of action was terminating our business operations in Russia, making clear that we stand firmly in opposition to the invasion of Ukraine. Now, we are further putting our principles into action by expanding our support to a global community that is also affected as a result of recent events.

Among the many crises arising from the Russia-Ukraine conflict is an increased threat to global food security. Countries around the world depend on Ukraine to produce crops such as wheat, corn, barley and sunflower. With the current conflict in Ukraine threatening to radically diminish the country’s agricultural production and export capacity, the worldwide supply of these essential crops is now in jeopardy.

Today’s global food supply chain is highly interconnected, which means that a disruption to any one country’s production can ultimately create challenges worldwide.
The implications are particularly urgent for many of the world’s developing nations. Already facing food insecurity due to drought, climate change and other macro-level factors, these countries stand to become even further distressed by crop shortages and food price inflation resulting from the sudden reduction in supply from one of the world’s largest food crop producers.Understanding the fundamental importance of global food security, EarthDaily Analytics is launching a new initiative harnessing our Earth Observation technology to actively monitor crop progress both in Ukraine and around the world. As we collect this data, we will provide it to agricultural suppliers in Ukraine and to humanitarian organizations globally so that proactive action, informed by best-in-class data and agricultural analytics, can be taken to alleviate emerging problems to the fullest extent possible.Beginning Thursday, March 31, EarthDaily Analytics and its agriculture-focused subsidiary EarthDaily Agro will provide this information in the form of an ongoing series of crop progress reports based on our Earth Observation and geospatial analytics. The reports will be published on a semi-monthly basis to the EarthDaily Analytics website. The gravity of the Ukrainian crisis cannot be overstated, and EarthDaily Analytics is committed to doing our part to support all who are impacted by the conflict. One way Earth Observation helps Ukrainian farmers is through field-level crop health monitoring, which provides growers important insights for applying inputs such as fertilizer with maximum efficiency.

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