GREEN+ Programme: Establishing a High-Standard for Greenhouse Gas Monitoring and Strategy Across the Americas 

Our customers include leaders and innovators across the public and private sectors, including long-established and instantly familiar names, up-and-coming firms at the cutting edge of their fields, and numerous companies that have realized the tangible value of having a better, more contextualized, and more up-to-date understanding of the world around them. 

As we count down the days until the scheduled launches of the EarthDaily Constellation, we are shining a spotlight on some of those customers who are working with EarthDaily Analytics in order to benefit from the game-changing power of Everywhere Everyday.

Bringing together leaders from the 35 capital cities of the American continent and tackling climate change as a collective challenge, CC35 Capital Cities Secretariat looks to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions, increase the resilience of cities throughout the region, and increase the role of the Americas within international environmental frameworks such as the Paris Agreement, the 2030 Agenda, the Glasgow Climate Pact and the Montreal Pact.

The Challenge

Fundamental to the achievement of CC35’s goals and allies, both in terms of practical implementation and in shifting the frame of climate change discourse and initiatives to an integrated, supranational concept, is the establishment of a shared framework for the collection, measurement, and reporting of data related to carbon and wider greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, in seeking to become the “High-Standard” for monitoring carbon credit projects across Latin America, CC35 identified a need for EO revisit frequency, spectral breadth, resolution, and geographic coverage beyond that currently available in the market. Having built out substantial capabilities in downstream analytics and with significant diplomatic reach to bring its findings to senior-level decision-makers, CC35 is determined to secure the best possible EO data both to produce the most insightful analysis and to demonstrate the differentiated, universalizable nature of its monitoring framework. 

EDA Solution:

When it comes to an ideal combination of daily revisit, global geographic coverage, high resolution, and spectral diversity calibrated to capture the widest range of mission-critical EO, the EarthDaily Constellation stands clearly apart from the competition. The high-quality EO data stream from the EarthDaily Constellation will enable CC35 to not only monitor a large number of projects across a vast geographic area, but to do so accurately, economically, and in close to real-time. The consistency and robustness of this Earth observation data stream will be crucial in CC35’s efforts to ensure that subnational protected area incentives such as carbon credits are accurately calculated and tracked, informing and giving confidence to financial, regulatory and strategic decisions that ultimately rely on CC35’s subsequent analyses giving access to the global citizenry through GREEN+WATCH. Furthermore, since the success of the CC35 mission involves establishing a verifiable, reproducible and universalizable standard, the EarthDaily constellation’s Analysis-Ready Data is a perfect fit, as it is captured every day from the same angle, allowing for like-for-like comparisons and detecting change from an ever-expanding global archive.

Deforestation progression revealed through VENμS satellite imagery, juxtaposed in a slider showcasing the stark changes within just 4 days.

With the EarthDaily Constellation and the game-changing power of Everywhere Everyday, CC35 is ideally positioned to achieve its goal of tackling climate change as a united front in capital cities throughout the Americas.

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