Industries Served

Insights unlocked by EarthDaily Constellation will enable customers to make informed decisions
with the magnitude of accuracy and efficiency unseen before.

Partner & Custom Solutions

Partnering with Solution & Tool Providers + Data Resellers EarthDaily can help you navigate the shortfalls of your current Earth Observation data, We enable sophisticated, scalable, and reliable change detection.


Uncover early crop stress signs and optimize weather monitoring, sustainability, and supply chain management for agricultural professionals with EarthDaily.

Finance & Insurance

Unleash a new era in Finance and Insurance with EarthDaily’s precise insights for risk assessment, market advantage, and informed decision-making.

Forestry, Natural Resource Management

Elevate resource management with forest health and wildfire assessment, water measurement and optimization, and change analysis using EarthDaily’s satellite data.

Mining, Infrastructure & Land Use

Empower infrastructure managers with data-driven decisions, optimized risk management, industrial oversight, and ecosystem changes with EarthDaily’s satellite data.

Climate Change

Address droughts, map flood-prone areas, hurricane impacts, predict landslides and debris flows while combating negative emissions with EarthDaily’s satellite data for effective climate change response.

Environment, Sustainability & Governance

Monitor energy infrastructure, track oil and gas extraction changes, and provide policymakers with on-the-ground insights using EarthDaily’s Constellation datasets.

Science, Research & Policy

Enable environmental sustainability, geohazard prediction, and policy feedback for scientists, researchers, and policymakers through EarthDaily’s satellite data.


Enhance situational awareness, detect aircraft and vessel movements, prevent illegal activities, and strengthen border security using EarthDaily’s satellite data capabilities.

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