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Daily data for agriculture, lending, insurance, commodities, food and beverage, and sustainability.

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The most advanced change detection system ever created, providing daily data for industries such as agriculture, lending, insurance, commodities, food and beverage, and sustainability.

Complete Picture

A trustworthy source of highly-advanced data with global coverage, which eliminates the need for multiple data providers.

Fast Answers

Our daily coverage offers near real-time data to customers. Additionally, our full vertical integration enhances the speed, quality, and automation of analysis ready data.

Custom Integration

Integrating seamlessly into your current workflows, ensuring that you receive optimal value from your investment.

Historical Insights

With over 30 years of historical data and extensive institutional knowledge, we can help you make more informed decisions.

Proven Track Record

We bring tremendous experience as agriculture’s Earth Observation leader for over 35 years.

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geosys - The next generation software platform

The geosys Platform is a cloud-based service that provides the critical capabilities needed throughout the analytic process – from data connectivity to the data preparation and enrichment needed to create analysis ready data, to advanced analytics and modeling, to flexible delivery options that provide reporting, visualization, and collaboration – all without compromising security or governance.

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Taking Action With Unrivaled Data

Digital Ag

  • Enable insights-driven farming to streamline products within the field
  • Transform crop management and food systems
  • Empower your crop management to identify and qualify in-field and between-field zones


  • Understand current & past land use for agriculture
  • Deploy change detection to verify truth & mitigate risk
  • Optimize portfolio management with risk identification


  • Gain a competitive edge with real-time crop status
  • Intelligent trading with crop analytics
  • Analyze crop performance to predict harvest output