The Earth is Changing

Delivering cloud-free high-quality data so you can be ready to respond to any geospatial challenge.

Mapping Big and Small

Mosaic challenges grow exponentially with scale – correcting 10 images can be hard but how about 100 or 10,000+ images?

Our Analytics Ready Mosaics provide maps for you to power large scale applications such as accurate land cover or agriculture classification.

A large area mosaic produced from Sentinel-2 tiles.
(Top) A window selected from a refined Sentinel-2 Mosaic. (Left) Zoomed in window from Spring 2019, (Center) Magnitude of change between Spring 2019 and Fall 2019 (Right) Identified region of significant change in Fall 2019.

Object and Change Detection

Our Analytics Ready Mosaics are geometrically and radiometrically corrected so you can see the subtle changes in your maps. Detect changes faster than ever before with more ease and fewer false positives.

Environmental Change

Natural regions change as new ecosystem variables are introduced, such as mining sites, urban sprawl, pests, and extreme weather events. Seasonal mosaics enable you to measure change over the course of a year or across multiple years.

Exploitation Ready

Web Streaming and Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFFs enable your application to see the scientific signals, minimize false positives in change detection, and makes data contextualizable with other geospatial datasets a breeze.

Get your cloud-free 10m Sentinel-2 mosaics delivered as you need them; from a web interface for visual analytics, as a Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF for analysis, or an XYZ tiled web-streaming service for data exploitation systems.

Automated Refinement

You don’t have to manage:

  • Searching and Sorting
  • Cloud Masking
  • Image Balancing
  • Location Corrections

With Analytics Ready Mosaics, you are ready to solve the most challenging geospatial analytics problems.

cloudslider-before-min cloudslider-after-min

Atmosphere Corrections

While optical satellite data provides a wealth of information, not every image can be used. Clouds and atmospheric variability limit your ability to see the necessary signals and increase the cost of delivering solutions for customers. EarthDaily Analytics’ cloud-free, best available measurement, Analytics Ready Mosaics allow you to focus on customer solutions.

Input Images

Regional and National Mosaics

The larger the area, the bigger the challenge. Even with some
filtering of the data it’s a large step to be analytics ready.

With EarthMosaicsTM you can see the change in your fields, cities, forests, and waterways and be ready to respond to new geospatial challenges.

Analytics Ready Mosaic

Best Available Measurements

Each pixel of the mosaic is selected based on metrics to represent the desired qualities of a region within a time period.

Our algorithm automatically searches through the volumes of source data, refines and calibrates select images, and then further chooses the most representative measure for that season.

British Columbia 2018
British Columbia 2020

Know Where Your Data
Comes From

Every measurement is mapped back to its source for traceable analytics. We provide pixel level mapping to source images and metadata with our Analytics Ready Mosaics.

Sentinel-2 analysis ready mosaic A colourized map of the source image